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AMP Superseal

AMP has developed the AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 Series connectors family to meet the constantly increasing needs and requirements in safety and reliability of the electrical connection field.

These connectors fulfill all the requirements prescribed by the various automotive and industrial standards.

They are watertight and they exceed the requirements prescribed by the IEC 529 and DIN 40050 I.P. 6.7 standards regarding waterproofness.

The AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 Series connectors are completely interchangeable and can be connected with existing components and with the devices currently used in the automotive industry (sensors, oil pressure senders, water temperature monitoring, etc.).

The special features of the AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 Series connectors are as follows:

  • Sturdy and reliable contacts: their lanceless design eliminates contact tangling during handling operations.
  • Double contact spring: mainspring and auxiliary anti-overstress spring.
  • Preassembled secondary lock which ensures correct and complete insertion of the contact in the housing and prevents it from slipping out of the connector. The secondary lock cannot be closed if the contact is not correctly inserted in the housing.

Both plug and receptacle have a collar to fit additional protective caps if required.

The plug connector is equipped with a device which allows safe and easy fastening to a panel




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