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Dash Cam

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Dash Cam

  • Dashboard cameras are also known as dash cams, car cameras, in-car CCTV and dashcams
  • Dash cams are becoming very popular as a means of recording accidents or crash for cash incidents, thereby reducing your insurance premiums
  • Here is a quick guide to help you decide to buy a dashcam

Features of a Dash Cam

  • An in car camera or dashcam is a small camera that continuously records picture throughout your journey, providing a complete recording of your travels. Some of our Ring cameras are fitted with infra-red sensors allowing for night-time footage as well as GPS to track your journey on Google Maps.
  • Crash-4-Cash and personal injury claims are rife in the UK and it is estimated that £400million was paid out last year for false insurance claims thereby increasing car insurance premiums as a result. Some insurers will offer lower premiums for drivers who have dash cam installed.

Reasons to buy a DashCam

  • Prevent Crash-4-Cash by recording minor incidents and collisions
  • Have a record of your accident with proof who was responsible for the car crash and expedite your claim
  • Improve your driving by reviewing how you drove, how your braked and how close you got to other vehicles
  • Review your teenage children's driving skills by feeding back the recording when they are learning to drive
  • Keep an eye on your unattended vehicle - some of our Ring cameras activate on motion
  • Capture unexpected events
  • Challenge motoring offences with recorded proof of an incident

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